Dream is another SPECIAL travel time.

At least,

I believe it.

WE travel for long journey while we slept.

Sometimes, we remember about that bad dream.

Sometimes, we losing or forgot about that nice dream.

Either that dream was short or the longest dream in your life. 

Everyone does and it also happen to me all the time.


Malah, ada kalanya kita mimpi sampai kepenatan. Bangun sahaja dari mimpi, kita berpeluh sakan. Kebasahan satu badan. Mungkin terlalu kuat berlari didalam mimpi tadi. Sampai satu ketika, kita terlupa apa yang kita mimpikan. Kita tidak ingat siapa yang dok kejar kita sampai kita berpeluh sakan.

That’s dream.

Another special travel time.

The precious one.

dream is special travel time

dream is SPECIAL travel time

Life is about happiness.


I do a lots of travelling.

Go there, go here.

Go up, go down.

Found something bad, and of course,I’ve found something different.

That can make me happy in short times and longer times.

So, why care abou going travel?


Its about how we satisfy our hunger of curiousity.

We want to know about something. We want to eat something. We want to know what is that about the hottest chilies in the world, we want to taste the delicious of nasi lemak from east and we want to know what is good about pyramid in Egypt.


Too many things.



We always hunger for that.

And, just be happy for that.

Life is all about happiness.


75kg of happiness smiles.